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Cobham Chiropractor | First Visit


At your first consultation, we will begin by taking a full medical history. This will include details about your presenting complaint and associated symptoms as well as relevant facts about other current health issues.

As chiropractors we are also interested in past events such as traumas or accidents, surgeries and illnesses. Together with aspects of your lifestyle, including type of job and other physical and mental stresses, these can help us build a picture of the state of your body and spine. After all, it is the cause that we aim to determine and treat, not just the symptoms.


Once we have all the information we need from you, the next stage is a thorough physical examination. This includes orthopaedic, neurologic and chiropractic tests. We will examine every part of your body, not just the area of pain. This is because the location of the pain is not always the location of the problem. Also, it is part of our approach to view the body as a whole, with each element interacting constantly to allow the body to function fully.

The results of the history and examination will enable us to form a working diagnosis of your problem and formulate a treatment plan.

Further tests

The results may also indicate that further investigation is necessary before treatment can commence. This may take the form of imaging such as X-rays or MRI scans, which we refer for locally to our partners who have state-of-the-art equipment. Or it could be that laboratory tests need to be ordered.

These do not necessarily mean that your condition is more serious, it could be that a more accurate diagnosis is required so that treatment will be more effective.

On your Second Visit we will review all of the exam findings from todays initial visit.