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About Cobham Chiropractic Centre in Cobham

Meet The Cobham Chiropractic Team

Cobham Chiropractor, Toby Colliver

Chiropractor Toby Colliver

Toby Colliver :: Cobham Chiropractor

My mission is to reconnect everyone to their healing potential.

I am passionate about Chiropractic’s ability to help restore health from the inside, and to allow people to get their life back. There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing patients say that not only do they have less pain, but also that they have more energy, can do far more than they ever could before, and generally feel fantastic. I consider the art of Chiropractic every bit as important as the science and ensure that I am constantly improving my skills.

2016 was my 15th anniversary in Chiropractic practice. I estimate that I have performed over 50,000 adjustments by now! I still get just as much enjoyment in the knowledge that with each adjustment I am affecting the function of someone’s spine and nervous system and helping them back towards their best.

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My fascination doesn’t end there – I am also a sculptor. I love to use my knowledge to create figures and portraits in clay. You may spot some in our office… ;)

Since I gained my DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), I have worked in various clinics in London and Surrey and had the privilege of adjusting people from all walks of life – Hollywood actors, builders, bankers, paralympic athletes, opera singers, hairdressers, chefs and housewives to name a few. If you have a spine and a nervous system, we can help! I always make sure I am adjusted regularly to keep me at my best and be able to serve you effectively.

I also have an interest in motor sport and have worked with a number of racing drivers, including Sam Bird (ex-Mercedes AMG F1 test driver, GP2 series runner-up 2013, FIA Formula E with DS Virgin Racing) and Duncan Tappy (McLaren GT and Bentley GT3). It is vital that they have healthy spines to cope with the stresses and strains of high speed driving and high G-forces.

I am married with two young children, both born safely and naturally at home, and go mountain biking and practice Aikido to keep myself fit.



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