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Cobham Chiropractor, Toby Colliver

Chiropractor Toby Colliver

Toby Colliver :: Cobham Chiropractor

My mission is to reconnect everyone to their healing potential.

I started out with a masters degree in anatomy from the University of Edinburgh. This, plus a love of art and life drawing, gave me a deep understanding and appreciation of the human body. It is this which led to my training to become a chiropractor.

Since I qualified from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic back in 2001, my hands quickly took over from my brain as the seat of learning. I still attend regular seminars and conferences of course, but I have found that I am listening more and more to my feel and intuition when working on people.

I have been fortunate to serve on a number of charity trips to India with other chiropractors from all over the world. With a clear language barrier, I had no option but to let my hands do the talking.

Palpating and adjusting many thousands of spines over the years, and seeing the body heal naturally as a result, is a huge privilege and I never tire of it.

I practice Aikido and go mountain biking to keep myself fit. Everyone should find something they enjoy which gets their body moving on a regular basis, preferably outdoors!

My other passions include sculpture: I use the knowledge contained in my hands to produce works in clay and stone (You might see some examples of my work around the office); and music: I play drums in a punk rock power trio…!

I am married with two young children, both born safely and naturally at home.

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